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August 20, 2014

Israeli Occupation Forces killed at least 8,950, injured more than 68,715 since September 29, 2000

Israeli Occupation Forces killed at least 8,950 Palestinians and injured more than 68,715 since September 29, 2000, If Americans Knew statistics and latest headlines show.

More than 2,000 children have been killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces since September 29, 2000, more than 28,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by the Israeli Occupation Forces and more than 5,271 Palestinian Political Prisoners are held by the Israeli Occupiers.

August 2, 2014

Video: Radical sectarian militia "IDF" celebrate blowing up a mosque in Gaza

Radical sectarian militia terrorists "IDF"
US-armed radical child murdering Jewish sectarian militia terrorists "IDF" occupying Palestine, film blowing up a mosque in Gaza then applauding and cheering: ‘the job was done’. 

July 28, 2014

13 Recent videos expose alarming racism of the Israeli occupiers

Palestinian Loss of Land, 1946 - 2010
Israeli Occupation Forces have killed more than 7,810 Palestinians, injured more than 62,201 since September 29, 2000 and demolished more than 28,000 Palestinian homes since 1967. What is more worrying now is that after more than 66 years of genocide and occupation committed by the Israeli occupiers, they are asking for more violence even after they recently murdered more than 1,088 Palestinians (including 180 children, 7 paramedics) and injured more than 6,650 children, women and men. 90% of the casualties were civilians. 

Boycotting the companies that support apartheid Israel and joining the BDS campaign is critical as both urgent and long-term strategy to impose an increasing cost on Israel for its crimes and help end 7-decade nightmare in Palestine.

1) Israeli “Jerusalem Day” mob attacks Palestinian:

3) Jerusalem “lynch mobs” attack Palestinians after Israeli teens’ funerals:

4) Video: Israeli shoves Palestinian woman into lake “just because”:

5) Video: Israeli lynch mob hunts for Palestinians in Jerusalem:

6) Watch profound and haunting short film “Death to the Arabs”:

7) Gang of secular Jewish thugs attack a rally in apartheid Israel:

8) “Gaza is a graveyard,” sing joyful Israeli youths:

9) Kahanist (neo fascist) demonstration chants "death to Arabs", "Muhammad is dead" and "we'll burn down your villages":

10) Israeli Occupation Forces and members of the Breslauer Hassidic sect dance and bless artillery shells:

July 19, 2014

BBC exposes the "Israeli Occupation Forces do not target civilians" claim

The four Bakr boys were cousins, aged 9 to 12. Ramez Bakr, father of one of the boys, said his son had come to sleep in his father's bed that morning before going out. Ashraf Amra/APA Images/Zuma Press

By Jonathan Cook

Israel's spokesman, Mark Regev, finally put on the spot by Ch4's Jon Snow. Interesting to see how journalists can get angry when it starts feeling personal. Their correspondent Jonathan Miller witnessed the killing of the four children yesterday on the beach and his film, which I posted earlier, documented what happened. 

It is this "ownership" of the incident by the journalists, through witnessing it, that gives them the sense of entitlement to challenge someone like Regev. Unfortunately, when they don't witness such events directly, which is the case with the vast majority of deaths in Gaza, then they are much more prepared to equivocate. 

So sadly, we are not likely to see this kind of grilling of Regev again soon.

'The Israeli military does not target civilians' - video

July 13, 2014

Understanding Israel's apartheid and occupation (Documentary)

Palestinian Loss of Land, 1946 - 2010
Since the Zionist occupiers founded Israel by terrorismmassacres and expelling most of the indigenous Palestinian population, Israeli genocide has been going on during the past 66 years and -since then- is seen daily on the News in Arab countries even though Israeli war crimes have always been censored in Western mainstream media

Israeli occupation forces and settlers have killed more than 1,400 children and kidnapped more than 8,000 since 2000who in most cases are assaultedtortured and subjected to solitary confinement for not being Jewish.

18 members of the same family killed in attack by Israeli Occupation Forces

Infographic: Israeli Offensive on Besieged Gaza Strip Within 5 Days

WATCH: The massacre of Al Batsh Family in Gaza by Israeli Occupation Forces overnight. 18 martyrs of same family -including 6 children and 4 women- killed in an Israeli airstrike .

They are not numbers:
1. Nahid Naim Al-Batsh 41 years 
2. Baha Majid Al-Batsh 28 years 
3. Qusay Essam Al-Batsh 12 years 
4. Aziza Joseph Al-Batsh 59 years
5. Mohamed Essam Al-Batsh 17 years
6. Ahmed Noman Al-Batsh 27 years
7. Yahya Alaa Al-Batsh 18 years
8. Jalal Majid Al-Batsh 26 years
9. Mahmoud Majed Al-Batsh 22 years
10. Marwah Majid Al-Batsh 25 years
11. Majed Subhi Al-Batsh
12. Khalid Majid Al-Batsh 20 years
13. Ibrahim Majid Al-Batsh 18 years
14. Manar Maged Al-Batsh 13 years
15. Amal Hasan Al-Batsh 49 years
16. Anas Ala' Al-Batsh 10 years
17. Qusay Alaa Al-Batsh
18. Zakaria Alaa Al-Batsh 20 years


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